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Main Line Location: King Of Pussia, PA
Call US Today (267) 560-RUGS (7847)
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Rug Cleaning Rug Repair Reweaving
Restoration Binding Edge Reinforcement
Stitching of tears & cuts Hand Serging (side) Machine Serging (side)
Overcast (end protection) Patching White fringe
Antique fringe Rod Loop Stop further unraveling
Moth-damage Treatment Fire-damage Treatment Color-run Correction
Mold / Mildew Remedy Resizing Pet Stain Removal
Refringing (fringe with or without knots) Securing the fraying ends / sides Water and Flood-damage Treatment

Over 30 yeares of experience inĀ oriental Rug Cleaning repair and restoration!

Rug Cleaning Service

Rug Cleaning

Pre-Inspection - After inspecting the rug for any apparent special conditions, we will ask for the customer's work authorization. With written documentation, your rug will be tagged, cleaned, and invoiced accordingly.

Dust - Dry particulate soil evacuation, using the power of compressed air, is our safe and thorough method of pre-cleaning rugs.

Wash - An expert hand-washing in a submersion bath assures you that a complete cleaning is being performed. The further use of compressed air, underwater, assists with a "Jacuzzi" effect for gentle agitation.

Decontamination Bath - Odor sources and contamination such as urine, mold, mildew, or insect infestations dictate the use of the appropriate treatments and procedures. All natural fibers require decontamination for their protection and preservation.

Rinse - Complete flushing away of both soils and cleaning agents allows us to achieve drinkable rinse water conditions.

Dry - The importance of speed and efficiency during drying is achieved in our controlled atmosphere drying room.

Post Detailing - Final spotting to remove any foreign matter possible will be done with safety considerations towards the fibers and dyes as a priority.

Repairs & Restoration - Our reweaving abilities are an important and valuable service which is available with individualized quote for each rug.

ULTI-MAT Underlayment - This area rug pad has the dual purpose to perform on both hard surface floors or on top of carpeting. Padding will protect both your rug and your floor and it is a good investment for personal safety.

Rug Repair Service

Rug CleaningGenuine Oriental rugs are made of wool, silk, or a combination of wool and silk. Rugs of wool are more durable and wear longer than synthetic fabrics. Wool is more resilient, cleans better and stays clean for longer. Newer rugs seldom need repairing. Old antique rugs, at times need to be rewoven where areas are worn out.

A good repair job will not only restore it back to its original condition, but will protect it from further damage. A new fringe (tassels) may need to be added if it has been worn out or damaged. When damages do occur, a professional rug weaver can solve most problems. Professional restorers can reconstruct the foundation and reweave the pile, sew tears and repair or replace borders and fringes (tassels).

We offer a wide variety of repairs and restorations. Our team of experts will work diligently to return your Oriental rug to its optimal condition. We will honestly advise you on whether or not your rug is a good candidate for repairs. Additionally, we guaranty superb treatment of your rug during every step of the repair process.

Usually it takes between 1 to 2 weeks for regular repair after we receive your rug. We will inform you when your rug will be ready. We will contact with you through the process, to provide piece of mind.

Rug Restoration Service

Rug RestorationBinding - Binding sides of old or newly damages rugs(edges opening up) Overcastting new fringe on old or newly damaged rugs. (Fringe coming off or extensive tearing)

Reweaving - On site experts specializing in conditioning of antiques to the best original condition. Reweaving tears and holes from animal or traffic damage

Color Repair - Died from the root or foundation.Applied to wool, rewoven into the rug

Touch Ups - Dye touch ups applied with special ink.

Water and Fire Damage - We offer complete water damage restoration services for your Oriental rugs, Navajo rugs and other area rugs. The water damage can be in the form of staining, dye run, mildew, shrinkage or discoloration. We can evaluate the damage from flooding, improper cleaning or exposure to long term moisture and determine the proper action with predictable the results. We can provide accurate appraisals for insurance adjustment if your rugs have been damaged beyond remedy or if they have lost value due to the water damage. And we can work well with your insurance adjuster to aid in the resolution of your insurance claim.