Main Line Location: King Of Pussia, PA | Call US Today (267) 560-RUGS (7847)
Main Line Location: King Of Pussia, PA
Call US Today (267) 560-RUGS (7847)
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Guest Book

Name: Bob
Date: 12-01-16
Comments: Best Rug Restoration Service in Philadelphia. They completely restore my antique rug by color touch up and replacing fringe.
Name: Kristine White
Date: 08-26-16
Comments: They cleaned my rugs and removed all the stains and odor. Best in Main Line Area.
Name: Eric Baker
Date: 4-13-16
Comments: They removed all the stains on my 2 rugs. Best Area Rug Cleaning Service
Name: Tina Jone
Date: 01-03-16
Comments: Great Rug Cleaning Service.
Name: Ronda John
Date: 06-04-15
Comments: My dog completely damage the one corner of my Antique Persian Rug. I found Rug Professionals on Google and they came next day and picked up my Rug and returned it within 2 week. They did a very nice job. They re-weaved the corner of my rug with 100% color match. Great Job Rug Professionals. They are best in Main Line.
Name: Naveen Roger
Date: 06-03-15
Comments: I recently purchased a beautiful oriental rug from a Yard sale. It badly needed a thorough cleaning and fringe repair and I was not sure it would even be usable. Rug Professionals and his crew picked up the rug from the home, washed and repaired it and delivered back to my home...AMAZING!!  It looks brand new.  I'm so impressed with the quality work they provide.  I have his web address on my Bookmarks so I don't risk losing it.
Name: Chris Norm
Date: 06-01-15
Comments: Great service.  Very responsive.  My rug look terrific!  I would recommend.
Name: Dan Rowan
Date: 05-30-15
Comments: I called for an estimate to have my Afghani rug cleaned and they gave market competitive price. A representative was here the next day to pick up my rug, he removed all the furniture himself. When I got the rug back, not only was it clean, the color seemed brighter. You MUST go to Rug Professional. These guys know what they're doing.
Name: Greg Auxler
Date: 05-28-15
Comments: My rug from Iran was cleaned, repaired and delivered to my place this morning.  It looks beautiful!  The service was perfect, reasonably priced and on time. I am thrilled! , I highly recommend Rug Professionals.
Name: Brain Smith
Date: 05-25-15
Comments: We had two Russian rugs cleaned, after over 15years of not cleaning. The rugs look awesome--so much better after cleaning.  The colors are more vibrant.  We are very satisfied with the results
Name: Jain Walter
Date: 05-15-15
Comments: These guys went out of their way to make sure my rug was cleaned right. I had a ancestor Persian rug and it got a ketchup stain. I thought it was ruined! However, not only did these guys got rid of the stain, they were able to tell me how old it is and roughly where it was made. I'm so happy they were able to save my family heirloom!
Name: Windy Crook
Date: 05-12-15
Comments: I had a rug cleaned with these folks, and I'm delighted with the results. The service was totally professional, and my phone calls regarding pickup, order status and delivery were always answered promptly, courteously and with accurate information. The rug has never looked better. I highly recommend this business.
Name: Peter Walter
Date: 05-10-15
Comments: There was a wine spilled on our Oriental rug. They were very quick. They came the next day and picked up the rug. Everything went smoothly and we are happy with them. If ever needed, we would use their expertise again.
Name: John Terri
Date: 05-06-15
Comments: The results were amazing. The rugs look like new, and the colors are bright again. I was astonished that a good cleaning would make such a big difference.
Name: Branda John
Date: 05-02-15
Comments: Rug Professionals did a very good job. I've found them to be reliable, responsive, and reasonably priced. It definitely worth it. They did a good job on the rug, which is very difficult to get clean.
Name: Tim Warner
Date: 05-06-15
Comments: Great Rug Restoration Company. They restore my Antique Persian Rug. I am really happy with their service.
Name: Robert Hart
Date: 7/24/2014
Comments: They did really good job. They cleaned and repair my 2 rugs. Nice job!
Name: Peter John
Date: 7/20/2014
Comments: Great rug cleaning service at affordable price. Good Job Rug professionals!
Name: Linda Walk
Date: 06-23-14
Comments: They did a great cleaning service on my 12 X 15 Area Rug. Great Job!

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